Singing Voice week 14 | Going into rock spirit (original) by me - Voz Cantante semana 14 || Entrando

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Hello guys, its another singing voice and today as they do say practice make perfection, I have been on some research on how to play some stuff on the piano and today been another week here to make some rock feelings, so I decided to bring up a simple playing on my piano, it's not an easy thing to be versatile player.


So during this play, when I got to the middle I decided to change the voice of the keyboard to bring another feeling because in music voice can make the atmosphere of song change, so playing this type of rock need not just a grand piano voice but also other charming voices which can go well in the playing.

I leave you to the rest of the video watch and enjoy

Hola chicos, es otra voz para cantar y hoy, como dicen, la práctica hace la perfección, he estado investigando sobre cómo tocar algunas cosas en el piano y hoy he estado otra semana aquí para hacer algunos sentimientos de rock, así que decidí mencionar un simple toque en mi piano, no es una cosa fácil ser un jugador versátil.


Así que durante esta obra, cuando llegué a la mitad, decidí cambiar la voz del teclado para traer otro sentimiento porque en la música la voz puede hacer que la atmósfera de la canción cambie, así que tocar este tipo de rock no solo necesita una voz de piano de cola sino también otras voces encantadoras que pueden ir bien en la interpretación.

Les dejo el resto del video vean y disfruten

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Welcome to week number 14 and what a beautiful creation I was overwhelmed with emotion and I have to applaud you in a big way because your improvisation was too special. Thank you for your participation wishing you the best of success.

Thanks so much I'm so glad to hear my playing was nice.

Yes your performance was amazing!
Very cool playing

Thank you so much I really appreciate

Your welcome. Talented friend


This is a really nice composition.
I am currently learning how to play the keyboard.
Hopefully, I would join you someday!
Well done...

Wow. I'm already anticipating your play now o. I know you will be a fast learner so you will be able to teach me

We hope so 😅😅😅

I will be waiting

Nice original.
Thanks for sharing.


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Brother, this is AMAZING 🙌😀💛, I loved it, it looks like a symphonic rock piece of music, even though it is piano, you gave it the strength of rock and this song is wonderful 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

I congratulate you, you have created a beautiful piece of music 💖, I wish you success in the contest, Brother 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎹🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Thank you brother, even though I'm not that good in playing rock I just tried my best

You are doing very well lml

What a beautiful composition! It was really wonderful to hear you play that complete piano melody. 🤩🎹💯🔥👏👏🎶🙏🎇🎆⭐💥⚡🎼🎵

Thanks for this great comment I really appreciate it

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Thanks so much