The Singing Voice Week 14| Fame by Adekunle Gold

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Hello Pukumundo! This is Mr Ernest, and this will be my first post in Pukumundo. I am a musician; and beyound just being a musician, music is an integral part of my being. My love for music is obviously what brought me into this wonderful community. And for this same love of mine for music, I will ensure that I contribute my own quota towards the growth of this community. For a strat then, I will be joining the singing voice week 14.


Joining the singing voice week 14, I will be doing the song FAME. Fame is an Afro song by the popular Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold. The song fame has English as it major language; but it also has a touch of Nigerian pidgin English. The song is one of my favourite, and I hope you enjoy my acapella version of it. Love you all ✌️



Verse 1
I have gone to many places with a lonely heart
I am longing for a place where I can be a part
I am in my own house but home seem so far
I have tried to cut the distance but it's feels so far

Sometimes my mama's house don't feel like home
Sometimes my baby's arm don't feel like home
Sometimes with my friends I feel alone
Sometimes I feel alone

Verse 2
Everybody says don't change but how will I grow
I am scared to do the things I want but people don't know
I wanted the fame but I no know say the thing go hard ooo
Some days I want to run away I no go lie ooo

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Hi. Welcome to our contest and Community, very cool voice but Your song isnt rock...

If You can please make Crosspost to Soundmusic or Músic Community for get some upvotes, cause your song cover is very cool. But PukuMundo only supports rock and metal - and this contest too (the rules are on our Main post each week and in the Community about)

Thank you so so much! I am so happy you had time to even look at what i have to offer.

Yeah You are an amazing singer @ernesto6402
Sadly our Community is about rock but You can Bring to us any rock song that You want. We accept: classic rock, blues, rockandroll, pop rock, Christian rock too

Okey! It really sad since I have not been into rock😢 But still, i will gradually start getting into it. I will just have to learn.

Maybe blues :)?

Community rules and our weekly post with the contest rules in english

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