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Hello guys. How are we all doing here? I hope all is well with y’all. I welcome you all to LA VOZ CANTANTE WEEK #33. I am Dprincy and this is my first entering in this awesome community. Going through the community a few months ago and a good friend and boss of mine made me understand more about the community dues and done.

But I must say this, I am not a good vocal person i.e., I sing very terribly. Though I tried to train myself to be good the reverse is the case. But since this community requires singing, I have to contribute mine to the community.
For this week’s entry, I will be singing a song titled MY WORSHIP BY PHIL THOMPSON.

I chose this song because it is in line with the community’s expectations in regard to music selection.
This song is categorized as a Christian Rock song and with so much musical experience in it.


D-PRINCY is a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist who chose to learn the four major instruments (THE DRUMS, LEAD GUITAR, KEYBOARD, AND THE BASS GUITAR) in other to enhance his music production field and been a sound engineer. Dprincy on Hive blockchain is currently a member of some major music and some other pleasant writing communities.
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Hola, chicos. ¿Cómo estamos todos aquí? Espero que todo esté bien con ustedes. Les doy la bienvenida a todos a LA VOZ CANTANTE SEMANA #33. Soy Dprincy y esta es la primera vez que ingreso a esta increíble comunidad. Recorriendo la comunidad hace unos meses y un buen amigo y jefe mío me hizo entender más sobre las cuotas de la comunidad y listo.

Pero debo decir esto, no soy una buena persona vocal, es decir, canto muy terriblemente terrible. Aunque traté de entrenarme para ser bueno, pero al revés es el caso. Pero como esta comunidad requiere cantar, tengo que aportar el mío a la comunidad.

Para la entrada de esta semana, cantaré una canción titulada MI ADORACIÓN DE PHIL THOMPSON.
Elegí esta canción porque está en línea con las expectativas de la comunidad con respecto a la selección de música.
Esta canción está categorizada como una canción de rock cristiano y tiene mucha experiencia musical.
Disfrutemos juntos de la letra.


D-PRINCY es un multiinstrumentista nigeriano que eligió aprender los cuatro instrumentos principales (LA BATERÍA, LA GUITARRA PRINCIPAL, EL TECLADO Y EL BAJO) en otro para mejorar su campo de producción musical y ser ingeniero de sonido. Dprincy on Hive blockchain es actualmente miembro de algunas de las principales comunidades de música y de otras agradables comunidades de escritores.

Si te gusta esta entrada, por favor ayuda a dar me gusta, comentar y votar. Realmente seré feliz y lo apreciaré.

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Your voice is not really that bad, I love the touch of the keyboard too.

Ohh thank you very much for this beautiful comment

Hi! Awesome cover
I like A LOT You are so talented boss

Some stuffs:
You don't have to use appreciator Tag and ocd Tag
You need to put the lyrics link in the post @dprincy please edit the post and put the link. Not Google link. The website where You find the lyrics
Or You can remove it. Isn't mandatory that the lyrics appears in the post.

Ohh... Thank you for the correction...
I will edit and remove the lyrics ASAP... Thanks boss..

Very cool ;)

For me I would say you have a good voice and you can have a better voice if you really want to, you're a music person I trust you know what am talking about my boss.
Your presentation is lovely and then you played the keyboard so well that I stayed glued to my phone to learn some stuffs.
Good job dear friend. You Rock 👍

This is a motivation to me brother...i really appreciate this..
I am happy you loved it too... Smiling.

Blessings boss man✌️