Greetings NFT Beat makers - May The Force Be With You

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Hi All!

what's up y'all?


It's been a while that I've been active online with blogging things on chains and posting creativity things. But I'm still at times making some beats right? And @polarbeats here started an NFT Thing for beat makers and rappers which is always a good thing! So by this will contribute the first thing too here.

So here's my contribution. Unfortunately my account on YouTube is deleted, so need to share via soundcloud link.

Let's talk on some developments for the future on discord, because I have noticed there NFT art market seems to be working for collectables, for beats, loops or sounds however I don't find a lot. So this can be a dope thing to have around soon.

I have a ton of samples and loops collected and created over the years. And in many different genres though, producers may can use my beat packs, and probably many others like to share their sounds and loops aswel.



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Seveaux what's up man good to see you on hive man. Just for correcting the misunderstanding we're talking I do have plans with NFTs and music just figuring what option would be best for the smart contracts..

Hey Hey you are back, sort of :) At HIVE our new blogging corner in our crypto space.
NFT for audio will come to this world. But I think not too many peeps are interested to pay big dollars for it like they do for stupid visual NFTs :) Ok, also some less stupid graphical NFTs around, but still. Aphex Twin sold a NFT with his music and someone adding a video to it: Sold for more than 100k$. You may be the next one doing that? Of you go, make some vid and dang! {lol}