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The token for "BEATZCHAIN" is symbol BEATCZ (BEATCHAINZ) powered by Hive Blockchain & Hive Engine. Our supply is topped at 978548454.000 and our circulating supply is 13778110.520. We are a Hive Tribe that provides a network for all music genres. Our network focuses on creating a market for musicians, creating value for our users, and our investors.

We'll network through discord & social media you can join our Discord here

Our main product for Beatzchain is a network that will out beat the music industry and their financial system with a economy for musicians to use. We'll bring value to our token through investors, content creators, and a market that include products for musicians like NFTs for music compositions. We're opened to delegations, and free tokens for prizes. Tokens will be split up to team members angel investors, and supplied for distribution in BEATZCHAIN. Token burns will occur if there's an agreement for specific reasons eg outstanding volume.

our distribution is 50/50 half for staking and half for liquid BEATCZ our rewards are distributed in 5 days after posts, comments, and votes are initiated.

Here is the Beatzchain tribe

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Magnificent! Looking forward to working with you!

I look forward to working with you as well