Phizzo vs Corona (3:0)

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Hallo Hive,

hier der Rapbellion "Phizzo", Solo mit 3
Anti-Corona-Pro-Freiheit HipHop Tracks.
Eine kleine Auswahl meinerseits.
Richtig guter HipHop, phatte Beats & gute
Texte / Raps mit treffenden Wortspielen wie z.b:
Was heißt hier Reichsbürger, es reicht Bürger!
Du nennst es Tagesschau, ich betreutes Denken...😄

What's good Beatchainz & HipHops,

here the Rabbellion "Phizzo" with 3
Anti-Corona-Pro-Freedom HipHop Tracks.
Selected by Yours Truly.
A lot of rhymes got German wordplays,
hard to translate...but going hard against
the Corona-narrative. Some real nice beats
i would say...check it out!😉

Phizzo - Pandemiesanthrop

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fire track 🔥 we can all agree corona was here to create fear, scare the weak minded, & depopulate the earth I'm surprised we still in this mess

Give Thanx my brother! I'm wondering, too, who & when will these "clowns" get arrested..!?

Dope stuff mah man, u should get ur music up on if u not familiar with them dope project where u should have ur music up there.

Ok, i will check it out...thanks!
What happened to the Remix for "Plandemic Reggae"?😉

I started working on it a bit, I struggled a bit synching the vocals over the new beat then I put it aside and got caught up with 1 and a million thing! Life can be abiatch sometimes 🙌

Yes Bro...i know, Life is kinda crazy right now...
Ok, let's see... stay safe!🤛