TDC Tunes and Family at HiveFest

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Thanks to everyone at #HiveFest for making myself and my family super welcome! We had a fantastic time, learned a lot and made some lovely new friends.

I have some more random pictures and (hopefully) unusual anecdotes from HiveFest to post later but first I wanted to share this video made by my partner (not on Hive yet but you never know!) via @threespeak.

This video shows a small insight into HiveFest and my performance - and a short clip of video of me performing with @atomcollector from @risingstargame too! We will look at whether we can do a version of our collab together to release...

Go go the SPK Network!

Incidentally, since I'm posting this on 3Speak - I enjoyed the talk about the SPK network by @starkerz. As a regular 3Speak user I'm looking forward to the point where other front ends can post video to the SPK network too.

Video hosting and transcoding needs a lot of resources (both in software development terms and in actual computing resources) so it's great that the infrastructure for it is on the way to becoming properly distributed. Great work from the SPK team!

Traveller's Path

The background music to the video by the way is the intro to my track Traveller's Path - I performed an improvised modular version of that track in my HiveFest set to finish things off. You can check out the track in full in all the usual places via
and there is also another version that is a collaboration with @stickupboys at:
And of course you can get both versions as NFT Records in @risingstargame!


HiveFest Travel

I would like to wish everyone at HiveFest a safe journey home if you didn't already make it back. I heard there were 4 hour long queues for security at the airport and I'm glad I missed those, especially with my 4 year old son!

We got lucky with our Eurostar travel plans and other than cutting it a bit fine and having to run to the gates as they were about to close (our fault - we were enjoying Amsterdam cafe life too much!) we had no problems and made it home last night about 9pm UK time.

And if you didn't make it to HiveFest - I would encourage you to try to come next year! There are some competitions/prizes and reduced prices too for plankton/minnow users. I'll be coming again next year if I can and I'm also very open to other Hive meetups. In fact I am panning to organise a London one so if you are interested let me know and I'll make sure to notify you.

Finally a rest day

Today in the UK it is a 'holiday' day for everyone as it's the Queen's funeral. I'm not a monarchist so it doesn't mean much to me, though I do recognise that it is a day that will be part of history. Nevertheless it does mean a quiet day at home as everything is shut and a rest day is actually pretty welcome. All that talking and learning at HiveFest was pretty tiring!

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Hopefully, next year, i will be in a good standing to join the hivefest. I see you had a great time this year with lots of networking and fun.

For sure make it if you can. Do't forget to enter all the competitions too - I actually won my ticket through a contest where all I had to do was make a banner and share it. I met some others there that one a competition that covered their hotel too!

Hope to meet next year!

Wow. thats awesome.

Hello from Nigeria @tdctunes
That was an amazing presentation over there. It's obvious, you guys had a great time with each others making new friends, that's awesome 😎👍. Good to hear you escaped the 4 hours queue at the airport with your son. Many good things happened there at Amsterdam and I wish to be there one day, hopefully.

Wow, UK observing holiday today cos if the Queen's funeral...that's a good history 👍

As usual, thanks for sharing this amazing info here.
Till we meet again in your next blog 👏👏

@revisesociology and I are on the Eurostar from Brussels and will be back in London soon. It was looking close for changing trains, but it was easy. Will have to see how busy it is when we get back.

I'm up for London meetups if I can get there.

Great to meet you all and I hope the whole family enjoyed it.

Happy travels Steve and @revisesociology - I hope the rest of your journey is trouble free! Will keep you posted about a London meetup in the next month or two....

Your music was a great addition to day two - glad you got back OK and I'd be up for a London meetup for sure!

Hive On!

Great stuff - hope to meet in London soon-ish!

Get your other half on Hive if she can do such great videos!! Glad you guys are resting at home already , and hopefully catch up again!

Yes good point! I have been gently nudging her in that direction (don't want to force things!)...


It was good connecting with you, and you know I did spot you hiding behind the pillar in the coppers outfit heh.., but didn't twig!

Aha and I thought you had it totally sussed out!

Saw it and was an awesome performance :)


Awesome - great to know it came over ok! I've yet to rewatch it on the stream recording.

Hope you're well and having a great week!


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I said it already but I had a great time with you and the family and @delishtreats for one. Do I hope to stay in touch and wish you well. Thank you

Lovely to spend time with you too and thanks for the photos!

Good stuff T, great to meet you, and I'm sure we'll cross paths again!

Unless our island sinks first!

It's ok, if it does we can go and stay at @soyrosa's house!


I'll pack my things...

It was a great performance you did on the 2nd day of the conference. Your music was slightly featured in my video.

Oh nice! I just checked out your video - great stuff!

Thanks I checked yours also. thats nice and hit the liked button also. :)

Awesome - thank you!

I loved your work on day 2. But wow, look at this video! She needs to be here on hive and create more ;)

Working on it! I did just create an account for Mini TDC Tunes for when he's older ;)

Yes!! Mini-hivers! Now I know 3 :) Username?

@quentincc - I'm not going to post to it - just delegate a bit and follow my vote..