Hiveopenmic #121 Diatas Normal Noah Band Cover

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Hello, good afternoon everyone, this afternoon I will bring a song called Above Normal
Regarding today's theme, I love my family, I really love my family.

And we all have to love our families above the normal i.e. above average because the ones who can help us in most cases are our own families.

we as humans also cannot live alone we need other people and therefore we also have to be kind with our families and should not be hostile to each other because no one helps other than our own family

Yes, I used to also fight with my family because it didn't match their thinking and I am also now Thinking more mature and more open to understanding the differences that exist in my family

therefore I brought a song from Noah Band Above Normal because loving Above Normal for our family is a must for all of us

I tried to cover this song with three guitar notes and maybe there are 2 vocal notes, hopefully all of you like this song

ya lagunya juga sekarang ada di YouTube dengan versi barunya lagu yang sangat populer di era 2000-an
yes this song is also sung by Ariel Peterpan.

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Loving above normal, I think the name of this band is a good match for this week's topic.


Thank you very much, @mipiano