Hive Open Mic 136, LET'S ROCK! Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall (Acoustic Cover)

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Welcome to another brilliant week of Hive Open Mic! What an AMAZING title! There are MANY videos I could have made for this weeks theme - as some of you know, rock is my jam!

I am having a slight hand issue at the moment so I decided not to play the electric guitar (don't worry, I have a lot planned for that!) but I wanted to play and sing something hard hitting!

Bullet for my Valentine released this EPIC metalcore track way back in 2005! It still feels like yesterday for me! They are still rocking today! I wanted to try an acoustic version of this song, and it is quite the ballad at the same time and a metal song. I think it works quite well as an acoustic song and it has a simple chord progression and great vocal melody.

B4MV were one of the bands that really got me into 'heavier' music! Well, I always liked Slipknot and Slayer, but I guess I can say Bullet opened up my mind to the new era of metal. They have melodic riffs but are super heavy. It showed me that metal can truly be musical. This was around the time when bands like Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold were also blowing up, it was a great time for bands! Especally in the metalcore scene. I guess this kind of phased out the nu-metal scene? I might be wrong with that comment but it feels that way.

I wonder if bands will make a comeback again. I feel like over the past 10 years, there hasn't really been many breakthrough bands. Or maybe I am just stuck in the past haha!

Anyway, I sure hope you enjoy this cover of mine! I'm still working on my singing and playing, but I am grateful to have this playform to share my progress, build my confidence and inspire me! Can't wait to check out all of your awesome videos!

Peace and love to you all!

Oh... and remember.... you all ROCK!

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Hi Friend!

I thought you would play your electric guitar this week.
This theme you brought us today sounds really great.
You rock man.
Rock On!

pngegg - mas pequeña.png

Hey brother! Yes man I really wanted to play my electric and rip a huge solo, but I am having some issues with my hand, so I have to let it rest a little - I will come back stronger next week! :D
Thanks man, I'm so glad you enjoyed this, it was fun for me!:)
You rock too man!:)

I hope you improve and heal soon.
Stay blessed.

Yeah man!!
Excelente rockeada.. me gustó que lo hiciste en acústico, como nacen las verdaderas canciones.
Te felicito por esta majestuosa entrada. <3

¡Hey hombre! ¡Ah, muchas gracias! ¡Estoy tan contenta de que te haya gustado mi interpretación acústica de esta increíble canción de B4MV! Gracias por el apoyo :)

Hey man! Ah thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked my acoustic rendition of this awesome B4MV song! Thank you for the support :)

I love this song bro from BFMV, your adaptation is great, I learned a lot watching you play. I have several metal songs in mind that I would like to adapt to acoustic but not so easy, some of them are too heavy hahaha.

Thanks a lot for participating bro, it was good to see you shine. Cheers!

Ah thank you so much! Me too, I have so many metal songs I would like to transcribe into acoustic! I am a metalhead at heart, always have been haha!:)

Thanks so much:) really appreciate the support!:)

Bravo 👏
Buena presentación. Gracias por compartir con todos nosotros😃

¡Muchas gracias! Agradezco que me escuches :) ¡Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado esto! :)

Good song by the Welsh Band Bullet for My Valentine. I like that band for their Metalcore and Heavy Metal styles. Incredibly, 16 years have passed since this record was released. Congrats brother. You rock so hard!

Yes! ME too, I love this band. I used to listen to them all the time! I know right, 16 years already! Wow! Time sure does fly my bro :) thank you so much for the compliments and support :) I always appreciate your support man!:)

Muy buena presentación amigo @sunsethunter como siempre lo disfrutaste. Felicidades y éxitos 🤗🤟🤟😎🌹🎙️⭐🎇💢💯🎵🎵💥🎤🔥🌿🎧🎼💜💛🧡❤️💙💚💞

Very good presentation friend @sunsethunter as always you enjoyed it. Congratulations and successes

Thank you Nelly! You are awesome :) always great to hear from you. Really appreciate your support!:)

¡Gracias, Nelly! Eres increíble :) Siempre es bueno saber de ti. ¡Realmente aprecio su apoyo! :)

Muy buena presentación amigo @sunsethunter como siempre lo disfrutaste. Felicidades y éxitos 🤗🤟🤟😎🌹🎙️⭐🎇💢💯🎵🎵💥🎤🔥🌿🎧🎼💜💛🧡❤️💙💚💞

Very good presentation friend @sunsethunter as always you enjoyed it. Congratulations and successes

Hmm I love how you strum the guitar, it's really melodious and pleasant to the ear. I hope you get over the hand issue you're having soonest. You Rock this piece man 👍

Hey bro! Ah man, thank you so much! I'm so happy that you enjoyed my entry! Thanks man, my hand should be all good in a few days :) appreciate this man!

Okay... You're welcome 👍

Amigo la guitarra se escuchó genial, tocas muy bien me encantó mucho, gracias por compartir saludos

¡Muchas gracias amigo mío! Realmente aprecio esto :) ¡Me alegro de que lo hayas disfrutado! Agradezco el apoyo :)

Muy buena presentación amigo @sunsethunter como siempre lo disfrutaste. Felicidades y éxitos 🤗🤟🤟😎🌹🎙️⭐🎇💢💯🎵🎵💥🎤🔥🌿🎧🎼💜💛🧡❤️💙💚💞

Very good presentation friend @sunsethunter as always you enjoyed it. Congratulations and successes

Sounds great brother. Congrats on your good work.

Hey man! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it, great to hear !:)

Saludos @sunsethunter

De todas las canciones que jamás pensé escuchar en versión acústica, definitivamente ésta es una! Pero te quedó espectacular, tienes un Swing Rockero brutal! Y la cantaste excelente! Me diste muchísimas ideas!

Un abrazo fraternal.

¡Hola amigo! ¡Muchisimas gracias hombre! Sí, era una canción que nunca pensé que se tocaría acústicamente, ¡jaja! ¡Pero seguro que fue divertido jugar así y también me dio ideas! Muchas gracias por los elogios amigo, ¡realmente lo aprecio!