Hive Open Mic Week 115 - Plying My Trade

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Greetings Hive Open Mic!!!

I usually make a post on Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday, but I'm starting a new job this evening to make some extra money because as many of you may know first hand, times are hard and getting harder everywhere in the world.

So, this week with the theme I had the honor of picking out, I'm playing my song which was released in 2018 on the In The Earth I Will Be Free album, entitled Plying My Trade.

It is a song as much about the human condition as it is an ode to those of us who work our butts off for survival and to get the things our hearts desire.



Plying my trade
Plying my trade
Just making ends meet and if I get lucky something fancy to eat

Plying my trade
Plying my trade
Best I know how to do, living for the struggle can't think what else to do

Just living out this sentence
Wishing and hoping for an end to it all
That memorial field behind the church
Seems like it might be the only way out

Plying my trade
Plying my trade
Just like all of you
We're just a bunch of whores and of pimps we have a few

Plying my trade
Plying my trade
Hope you buy what I'm selling
Cause you're just like me so full of misery

¡¡¡Saludos Colmena Micrófono Abierto!!!

Por lo general, hago una publicación los lunes o martes y los jueves o viernes, pero comenzaré un nuevo trabajo esta noche para ganar algo de dinero extra porque, como muchos de ustedes saben de primera mano, los tiempos son difíciles y cada vez más difíciles en todo el mundo.

Entonces, esta semana con el tema que tuve el honor de elegir, estoy tocando mi canción que se lanzó en 2018 en el álbum In The Earth I Will Be Free, titulada Plying My Trade.

Es una canción tanto sobre la condición humana como una oda a aquellos de nosotros que trabajamos duro para sobrevivir y obtener las cosas que nuestros corazones desean.



Ejerciendo mi oficio
Ejerciendo mi oficio
Solo llego a fin de mes y si tengo suerte algo elegante para comer

Ejerciendo mi oficio
Ejerciendo mi oficio
Lo mejor que sé hacer, vivir para la lucha no puedo pensar en qué más hacer

Solo viviendo esta frase
Deseando y esperando el fin de todo
Ese campo conmemorativo detrás de la iglesia.
Parece que podría ser la única salida.

Ejerciendo mi oficio
Ejerciendo mi oficio
Al igual que todos ustedes
Solo somos un montón de putas y de proxenetas tenemos algunos

Ejerciendo mi oficio
Ejerciendo mi oficio
Espero que compres lo que vendo.
Porque eres como yo tan lleno de miseria

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the game is very amazing and also very interesting I can enjoy the excerpt

I'll be honest, I'm not sure what you mean by this comment, but I thank you for listening man, peace! ✌️

Greetings friend, I like your style, the lyrics of this song are quite moving at least for me, hey I like the plucking or the guitar solo, it sounds fantastic, thanks I enjoyed it.

Thank you very much @lisbeth26 🖤

Perfectly suitable song for the weekly topic, and moreover one of your original works!
And as always, an excellent interpretation @lk666

I am wishing you a good start at your new job!!


Thank you very much @mipiano 🖤

You are welcome @lk666 😇

What a great selection for your chosen theme this week. Sounds like a nice full band sound with the drum and bass joining you. Strong guitar solo! So much to admire in the mix here. Thanks for bringing your musical gifts to the Hive Open Mic community. Peace.

Thank you so much man for the time you take to put this on every week. You make everyone feel so welcome, you and the whole team. It is my pleasure to play for anyone who will listen every week. Peace man ✌️