Hive Open Mic Week 116 - After The Reveille

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Greetings Hive Open Mic!!!

This little acoustic riff was something I've been messing with a couple days. I don't have as much time these days because I've had to take on a new job in town, some 45 minutes away. But, somehow I'm managing to keep picking my friend up every day and playing some music.

TBH, "Trumpet Sound" just wasn't making anything come to mind and I do not play the trumpet, so I did my favorite thing. With only some short riffage on the acoustic and building with my looper in the moment and into a song. I hope you all enjoy!!!

¡¡¡Saludos Colmena Micrófono Abierto!!!

Este pequeño riff acústico es algo con lo que he estado jugando un par de días. No tengo tanto tiempo estos días porque he tenido que aceptar un nuevo trabajo en la ciudad, a unos 45 minutos de distancia. Pero, de alguna manera, me las arreglo para seguir recogiendo a mi amigo todos los días y poner algo de música.

TBH, "Trumpet Sound" simplemente no me vino a la mente y no toco la trompeta, así que hice mi cosa favorita. Con solo algunos riffs cortos en la acústica y construyendo con mi looper en el momento y en una canción. ¡¡¡Espero que todos disfruten!!!

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I would have loved the English version.

My English guitar playing is only soso 🙃

Oh okay....

Super stellar amigo 🤘

Thank you so much my good friend 🖤

This loop you have made is wonderful, each lap is better than the other and as you add content it takes more shape, we loved it. You are a very talented guy and a reference for your excellent work. Thanks for always being present at Hive Open Mic, we are happy to listen to you every week. Best regards!

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Thank you guys so much 🖤

Fiel admirador de tu arte y tu esencia diferente! Suerte en tu nuevo trabajo, buen hermano 🤜🤛✨

Muchisimas gracias hombre. yo tambien soy un admirador de tu musica, mucho 🖤

Amigo @lk666 me gusto mucho tu ejecución en la guitarra, el sonido que expresarte por medio de tu guitarra fue muy agradable. Éxitos 🎶🎵🌟💯💢🧡💜💕🎸

Muchas gracias @nellynohemi 🖤


Thank you 🖤


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You're very good at rendition using guitar Thank you for sharing and I can enjoy it.

Thank you very much man 🖤

He disfrutado mucho su interpretaciòn, te felicito!

Thank you very much @helyorsini 🖤

See ehnnn you have no idea of how I'm inspired by your post... I love accustic guitar..
Chords, licks..

I enjoyed every piece of it.
Nice one

Thank you so much 🖤
That's so awesome and I'm happy you enjoyed it all 🤘