Hive Open Mic week 116 - The trumpet from heaven..

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Hive open mic, a global music concert which every lover of music comes out to share love music. This week I shall be sharing song which I composed in line with this week's topic which says trumpet sound. That is why I have created this little sound which I title trumpet from heaven.. This song came to my knowledge while I was listening to an inspirational song and then I was able to gather two or more lyrics together to create this I hope you all enjoy the rendition. Stay blessed and enjoy..


All sinners should be repentant, for that great day,
a trembling day, the angels will blow their trumpets,
Earth and Heaven shall be rolled away,
Oceans will all seize to exist, and all the dead will resurrect,
some with happiness exceeding, Others will have great afflictions,
sinners will really tremble on that day of trumpet sound.


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Great composition man!
E be like say you be soprano singer oo

Lol.. thanks man. I no even Sabi where I belong sef. I jus dey sing ni as per say I no Sabi anything

Beautiful voice. Lovely entry bro.

You are welcome sir

That's a nice composition. Only one thing though, instead of seize, I think you meant cease? Cease meaning to end or to stop. Hope that helps :) Cheers!

Thanks man I would check that

No problem. Have a good one!

Yeah and you also

Nice one

Thanks dear

You are welcome

That's my boy, I taught you well

Lol funny you..

Greetings my dear friend!

I hope you are feeling very well, receive a big hug from me!!!!

Thank you very much for bringing your entry, totally in line with this week's theme!!! Good theme a cappella

Greetings, a hug.

You are welcome friend. A big hug received with a warm heart from me😃😃😁😁 thanks dear I feel so honoured

You did well with composing a song specially for this theme..

Yeah man that's how it runs sometimes

This was very dope man..and your voice is amazing..nice entry

Thanks friend I am really grateful

You composed a song for this week's topic? Nice, it is really great you took the effort to compose it to suit the theme. 👌


Yeah @mipiano it feels great right?

Indeed 👍
Good you know to do that 🥂

Yeah friend


Thanks man


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Great... Well done. Fresh out of the oven of inspiration huh? Thanks for sharing. Greetings.

You are welcome buddy

This is really amazing 🥰

Yeah Yeha