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Hi Hivers, how are you all? I'm sure we're all fine. By the way, my name is @donirosayandi, I'm a guitarist. On this occasion I will sing for the 121st week of the Hive Open Mic #openmic contest with theme: "Amor de Familia." In English, this means: "Love of Family." This theme is chosen by our recent Spotlight Artist: @osmely.

For this week's theme I have prepared a good song, a song yang related to the theme, namely the song called "Harta Berharga", this song was popularized by "Bunga Citra Lestari."

"Harta Berharga" is the theme song for the Cemara Family television series, which was popular in the 1990s in Indonesia, which was later made into a big screen version in 2018. Arswendo Atmowiloto is the person who knit the lyrics of the song.

The Cemara family tells of the precious values ​​found in the famiy. A simple family life does not reduce the value and meaning of the family itself. It is in the family that we learn about love, life values, character, caring for and sacrificing each other, filial piety, and other good things.

In the family we also feel the warmth. sometimes when we are at school or at work, we get a lot of problems and challenges.

However, when we return home, the presence of family gives us warmth and relief, and we are ready to face these challenges and problems again.

This is ideally a family, a precious treasure that is very valuable and difficult to be owned by any expensive property.

Now, the song has become popular again since the release of the film Keluarga Cemara on January 3, 2019. In fact, the song was trending number 3 on Youtube after being uploaded to the Aquarius Musikindo Youtube account on December 10, 2018.

The lyrics of the song Harta Berharga tells about the importance of the role of a family.

  • The most valuable treasure is family
    The most beautiful palace is family
    The most meaningful poetry is family
    The peerless pearl is family*

Along with the return of the film Keluarga Cemara in today's modern era,
Aquarius Musikindo and Visinema Picture collaborated to produce the soundtrack for the film Keluarga Cemara to make it look more modern.

One of them is by choosing Bunga Citra Lestari as the soundtrack for the film Keluarga Cemara.

The singer who is familiarly called BCL is considered capable of representing Indonesian women who have families in the modern era.

The song Harta Berharga also sounds different when sung by BCL, but still maintains the iconicity of this song.

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I chose this song, because it fits the theme chosen by our recent Spotlight Artist: @osmely That is Love of Family.

Here are the full lyrics

Bunga Citra Lestari - Harta berharga

Harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga
Istana yang paling indah adalah keluarga
Puisi yang paling bermakna adalah keluarga
Mutiara tiada tara adalah keluarga

Selamat pagi Emak
Selamat pagi Abah
Mentari hari ini berseri indah

Terima kasih Emak
Terima kasih Abah
Untuk tampil perkasa bagi kami putra putri yang siap berbakti

Lyric sources :

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Sounds wonderful your performance bro. Keep going on

Thank you very much @davidosunamusic ,
I will continue to maintain my performance

Weldone dear... your guitar skills was lovely and pleasant.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much @sholex94
I will continue to keep up the good work

You're welcome.

Always a pleasure to listen to..
I love your gentle picking style.

Thank you mrs @anna-newkey , I love that you listen to my performance, I learned a lot from you

Friend @donirosayandi excellent presentation! Cheers!

Thank you very much @williepicana

Cómo siempre es un gusto escucharlo querido amigo ya que canta y tocas muy bien, gracias por compartir esta canción tan hermosa bendiciones ❤️

muchas gracias @ruthlopez estoy feliz de compartir felicidad para ti y para todos, exitos para ti

Wow! What a peaceful song! It touches my heart so much!
Your picking of the strings are also solemn and produces beautiful sounds.
I also agree with you that

It is in the family that we learn about love, life values, character, caring for and sacrificing each other, filial piety, and other good things.

Thanks for sharing this lovely presentation @donirosayandi

You're welcome @magicfingerz I think the essence of living in a family is like that, as we also feel in this community

Querido amigo siempre es un placer escucharte, tienes una voz hermosa, dulce y tú acompañamiento en la guitarra nos traslada a un espacio muy agradable y mágico. Felicidades y éxitos 🤗👪🎧🎶🎶👩‍❤️‍👩🔥🎵🎵🎤👏👏👏🎙️🌻🌟🧡🥰💜♥️💙💞

muchas gracias señora @nellynohemi me alegro que le guste mi canción, éxito para usted también

Our talented friend, you are splendid and give a special glow with your art. Wow how sweet this track was! beautiful, the way you play the guitar has always enchanted us. Long live the family, please don't forget to interact with the other fellows! hugs and all the success brother!

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Thank you so much my friend @musicandreview i am so happy to have impressed you both, i just want to give the best for this community, good luck to you Omar and Dina

amazing, really beautiful vocal sound accompanied by acoustic guitar very touching to my heart @donirosayandi

Thank you very much @isalalpha