Hive Tagging : The Problem that could get you more responses for content & music

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So I thought you can't just tagg everyone, and a lot of people frown on it on Hive. I would frown on it if the content sucked or the fact it took more effort to tagg people. I tried it, one night I tried it first I tagged everyone from the Beatzchain community at the time (before the tribe) for a beat. I believe I tried another post one night and decided to tagg all my followers. I got ok results but then @klye broke it down to me that people were aggravated by it when people did it.

I took it as a way to market last thing I want to do is piss off fans by doing this. Maybe there's a way people could go about it without being a bother because, ideas to get to other people and get more reactions is one thing, but to be a bit of spam is another! I would like to hear your thoughts.

Anyhow Beatzchain has been moving forward we have curation rewards, we have people using the tribe tagg, and we've got a team together. Come check us out on our discord

And check out the official Beatzchain website!!



Personally, I don't really mind if people TAG me. I either ignore it or click on it.

Tags only show in my notifications on the PeakD "Front End", which I'm not always in anyway...


Me either I guess for some people it's not always the case, lol I mean I've seen people tagg 200 for a shit post too so haha

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