Listen 👂 to my latest work "Wild One"

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Listen to Wild One by Polar The Maestro on #SoundCloud

I wanted to drop my new work "Wild One" I've been in the works on. I have a few more tracks to bring alive I'll post them on here when finished 😎.


I've got a ai connection now 😃 I'll be dropping some more hot beats with awesome artwork. I love it I think it's pretty cool 😎

On another note I've made a new token called POLARBEAR token symbol "POLAR" there's 3000 polarbears in circulation that I'm selling for .75 HIVE will keep you posted with more about the token 😊


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very nice chill beat !PIMP

You must be killin' it out here!
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Some pix i just snapped for you!





Yo this is 🔥 bro definitely keeping these maybe do some special effects to them

Please do whatever you want with these!